$75 Short-term Licensing Fee - MARK "MR. UPSIDEDOWN" PALMER

$75 Short-term Licensing Fee - MARK "MR. UPSIDEDOWN" PALMER

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Per the below discussion via email:

Greetings from New York! 

My name is Vasheena Brisbane. I’m the Associate Director of Visual Design and Communications at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in Midtown Manhattan. I’m writing because an associate pastor of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Kate Dunn, would like to use one of your beautiful ambigrams, “Faith Hope Love,” on the cover of the bulletin for Sunday worship on May 7. We will print about 350 bulletins for internal use only, and post the PDF on our website. We are happy to pay a modest licensing fee and will include an artist credit on the cover and an about the artist within the bulletin.

I’ve already purchased the download and will wait on your reply.

Many thanks for considering this request.


Hey Vasheena,

    Thank you so much for reaching out and for your interest in my artwork! I'm honored That's one of my favorite designs ever...

    So, my typical licensing fees for usage would seem absurd and offensive to an organization like a church, with usage in a weekly church bulletin, so I won't embarrass myself by quoting a fee for that haha - what did you have in mind when you mention a "modest" licensing fee? I'm sure we can make it work...

-Mark "Mr. Upsidedown" Palmer

Hi Mark,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. We really love the piece as well!

I appreciate you considering our church status and allowing me to suggest a fee. Considering your status and the popularity of your work, I hope our modest offer of $75 is not offensive to you.

Please let me know if this is doable.