Customer Compliments

Just recently purchased and tatt'ed your design for Faith/Hope. I have been looking for a long time for quality ambigram designs, and frankly your designs blow the others that I've seen away. Thank God I waited. The tattoo looks great. I got it on my upper right arm and it is huge!! Anyway, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am of your work. I have many tattoos but this is my favorite. Let me know where I can email a picture. Regards,

Daniel L., North Carolina

Mate, open up a bottle of bourbon and have a shot from me, even my Mrs. went quiet after seeing the design (not for long though), we absolutely loved it. Design is FLAWLESS, will get it inked first thing tomorrow morning and I'll send you pics of both of my tattoos by the end of the week.

I ain't the mushy type, but your design really hit a nerve and I would like to thank you for taking the time out to do this for me, I can't think of anything else I would rather have tattooed on me to honor the birth of my son, if i have any more kids, I will be calling you again, that’s a promise...Thanks, bruv.

Manny S. London

Hi, have (hopefully) attached a picture of my tattoo that you designed for me.  It looks fantastic... quite a talking point at parties!!  Once again thank you for the art work am absolutely delighted.  Have the original & is now in a frame hanging on wall at home.

Jon B., England

I wanted to thank you for designing such a great ambigram of my last name.

Mike S., Canada

Out of all the sites that I’ve looked at, your designs have my favorite and the closest to what I had in mind.

David S., Scotland

Hi Mark  I’m writing to you to let you know that I’m delighted with the design you created for me. You designed a symmetrical ambigram of my daughter’s name. It’s exactly what I had in my mind and will look great on my arm (on the outside of my forearm). I work on an offshore oil rig in the North Sea and have shown quite a few of my colleagues and they too have been impressed so you may get a few more orders from Scotland. I would also like to thank you for the professional and speedy manner in which you dealt with my order, which will allow me to get my tattoo done on my two week leave. When it's healed properly, I will send you a photo and who knows - maybe I'll get a kick out of seeing my arm on your gallery.

David S. Scotland

My name is Melissa and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ambigram design.

Melissa L.

I took a look at your site.  This is a bit redundant, but here goes... wow!  I'm impressed.  Very impressed.  I believe you have been given an amazing gift.

Kenn L., California

Thank you so much for your amazing artwork.  It was a painful wait, but it was certainly worth it.  I will send you a picture as soon as I get the tattoo.  I have also already showed the website to some of my friends, and I will keep doing so for anyone looking for a unique tattoo.  Thanks again.

Christian M. South Carolina

I've always wanted what some say an oohrah tattoo, I've been in the US Marine Corps since 97' returning from a second tour in Iraq and was lucky enough to be stationed in Miami for my third enlistment.  Needless to say it's time for my oohrah tattoo, throughout my years in the Corps I have looked for the abbreviation of my organization but have been unable to find "the one."
     What prompted me into looking into ambigram tattoos was my son and of course Dan Brown's book.  I was always told by individuals I've came across with tattoos to never get one unless they had a significant meaning to you or at least something you were willing to live with for the remainder of your life.  I already have one tattoo on my lower back which has no real significance but I was willing to live with it and still am for the simplicity of the design and I have yet to come across the design on someone else. While doing research on the web for ambigram designs, your website caught my eye.


Thank you very much for the design, you did a superb job. I am using it for a tattoo so as soon as I have it done i will send a picture. Thanks again, 

Jed M., United Kingdom

Hey Mark. Thanks again. I really like what you came up with. After I get it done I will send in a pic. Thanks again. 

Art W.  California

Hello,   I just wanted to tell you guys, that I got your Email today! OH MY GOD!!!! Thank you so much! It looks WAY better than I expected it to look!  As soon as I get the tattoo done, I'll send a picture!
Thanks again,  

Peter F., United Kingdom

Man you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I don't know what to say.........   it's something more than I expected.......  thank you... thank you a lot........ it's super!!!!!!!

John B., Greece

Mark.....I just had my tattoo done a week ago.  You did a Great job on the three Greek words…,  and my first and last name....  I appreciate the extra time you took getting it just right for me; I know I can be very particular.  It is an arm band and I will send you pictures as soon as it heals.  Best to you.....I will be ordering some for gifts to friends soon.....

Ted S.

Mark,   Thank you very much.  The design is fantastic!  Even better than we were hoping!  Now to get the ink work done...We're letting our friends know about your great work.  

Glen & Sarah S. Canada

Thanks for the great ambigram tattoo of my fiancee's name.  This is my first time ever ordering anything from the internet and you did as you said, the tattoo stencil and picture were sent in seconds after my order was processed. Now I will be able to get my 8th tattoo. I will definitely come back again for my 9th, 10th and many more.  Your instructions, service and overall website design is brilliant.  Thanks again.

Michael, Australia

Hi Mark--- I am getting everything ready for tomorrow and just wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU so much for the designs....they are awesome...you are so talented!  They look great in the frames and I am sure that everyone will love them!  I really appreciate how well you worked with me on this---it was one less thing I had to stress about and I can't tell you how much that means!  I wish everyone was as easy to work with and accommodating as you have been.  I will definitely be sending more business your way!   Sincerely,

Karen W. Illinios

Dear Mark Palmer,
Your company is aptly named.  The first thought that sprang to mind when opening my tattoo attachment was WOW! You run a totally awesome and professional service.  I can't wait to get home and show my Mom and Dad what our ambigram looks like!

Michele G.  New York

Dear Mark Palmer, Awesome Ambigram Artist,

I love the new design.  My Mom totally freaked out when I showed her the first one you did, she raced home to show my Dad.  She just looked at it for the longest time and said."WOW".  Thanks, and again, you really are awesome.  

Michele G., New York

Mark, I love it this looks awesome, i will be sending some business your way in the near future, everyone I show the tattoo to, wants to get one done. I will email you a pic of the completed tattoo.  

Ali M. Florida

That is so sick, I love it!! 

Jon C.

Mark Palmer,  WOW.....this is beyond perfect....I am 100% satisfied...thank you very much for not only your excellent designs, but for your stellar "customer service"....I really appreciate it and I will definitely recommend you to others. I will probably purchase more designs from you in the future as well.   Thanks again.   

Anthony M. Canada

Hey folks,  I just received your E-mail which included my name in the ambigram style I picked from your website. I LOVE IT!! I wanted to let you folks know that I'm appreciate the work and if I ever do get the courage to get a tattoo I promise to drop your company a picture of it. Thanks and take care.

P.S. I will spread the news about your company and I will tell people about AMBIGRAMS DESIGNS. 

Wilfredo D. New York

Mark,  Thanks so much for your work of art!  I will definitely send you a picture once I get my tattoo done.  Thanks again. 

Sherlon S.  Australia

Dear Mark,  I really don't know what to say, this design is fantastic. I'm beyond pleased with it. I am getting this done as a tattoo sometime in January so I will be sending you a picture of it when it is done. Thank you again for the design and the fast response time. Happy Holidays.  

Larry R.  Nevada

AWESOME!!!  Thank you so much....I will send a pic after it is done!  Happy New Year!!! And, thanks again!

A.J.C.  Indiana

Thanks again.  Everyone that has seen has been like, "Where did you GET that?"  I of course say, "Mark at wowtattoos.com drew it, and my artist is Jim at Red Sky."  I always make sure to give you the credit!  Anyway, Thanks again. 

A.J.C   Indiana

Thank you so much, it looks awesome.  Can’t wait to get it in ink. Thanks again  

Josh P.  Florida

Absolutely awesome!!!  It's for a tattoo - once I have it done, I'll send you some pics.  Thanks again, 

Liam R.  Wales

Thank you so, so much.  It's absolutely wonderful.   I may not only have it tattooed on my body, I may have it put on the driver's door of my P.T. Cruiser, or maybe on the 5th door so everyone behind me can see it. 

Sandy H.  New York

Well I can guarantee I will ask my tattoo artist to take a pic for his brag book, which means everyone who comes in the shop and looks at the book will see your truly unique and beautiful artwork.  I will ask him to put a note on the back of the pic stating the lettering was designed by  Mark@wowtattoos.com

Sandy H.  New York

Thank you.  It's beautiful.  You have met and surpassed my expectations.  I'll send you pictures of the tattoo once it's completed.  Thank you again!
PS: I'll be sure to recommend you to everyone I know (including of course the tattooist in northern New Jersey so his shop can carry your flash).

Brenda V. New Jersey

This is perfect!! I couldn’t ask for any better.  I’ll definitely let everyone know where I got it and get a lot of pictures of the process.  This is great!! 

Jerry D. Arizona

Mark,   WOW, You’re a stud!   Thank You. This one is exactly what we wanted! They are going to look so awesome as tattoos.  We'll send photos so you can see them.    Again, Thank-You!!    And good luck with your business.....

Elaine B.  Ohio

Wow I was really skeptical about dropping money on this because I had gotten an ambigram done by someone else and they weren’t that good and it was hard to see the KEEFE, and I was about to get it done as a tat, when I heard my friends girlfriend say what does that symbol mean and right then I knew that I couldn’t put that on my body... But yours is awesome worth twice what I paid for and I'll send you pics when I get it done thanks Your the man. 

Kevin K.  Washington

Many thanks for the tattoo! it's fantastic, just what i was looking for, and my girlfriend loves it! Once i have it done i will be sure to send you a pic of the completed item! Once again many, many thanks!!! 

Mike Mc.  Wales

These are jaw-dropping amazing!  I had attempted to imagine how these two words could be placed together and you have exceeded my expectations.  This design is a surprise for my husband.  He has been talking about getting another tattoo - this one across the top of his back/shoulder area.  He wanted something original that would say the word "Mexican" but not in a very obvious manner.  I think he will flip when he sees this design.  I can't wait to show it to him tonight!!  He may use the stencil version so he can have it colored green, white and red but, as requested, I will forward pictures if he likes it.  Thanks, again!  

Laura S.  North Carolina

Wow isn't the word, mate...Mark, these designs are … absolutely the nuts, mate...thanks for your time and as soon as they're inked up we'll send some pics....cheers again.

Nathan T. United Kingdom

Mark, I’m not really sure what to say.................... Was preparing myself to moan (really not like me) as I was 99.9% convinced that there would be no way that you could make an ambigram out of the two names I gave you! How wrong was I! Will be getting the tattoo done in the next few weeks (if I can find an worthy artist around here) so will post you pictures of the finished article!  Thanks a lot Mark!  Kind regards and total admiration! 

Patrick H. United Kingdom

Hi Mark  Just got the design and it looks wicked !! I am booked in to have my tattoo done Tuesday night, as soon as it heals I will send you a picture for your gallery.  Thanks for taking the time to do it again for me and I will recommend you to everyone.  Thanks again. 

Paul  United Kingdom

Hi Mark  Just wanted to let you know that my husband loved the design!  He said it was exactly what he would have designed if he had any talent or imagination!  He got it tattooed on his arm within 24 hours of receiving the design.  Many thanks. 

Karina   Australia

Thanks!! We love it!!!  The ambigrams are incredible. Thanks again! 

Cathy and Rob O.  Michigan

Mark,   You’re amazing, my friend!  You know how military folks are with tattoos.  I’ll spread the word for you.  I love it.  Be well and thanks again. 

Keith G.

I think your designs are the nuts and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.   Cheers. 

Ash V. United Kingdom

AMAZING!!!!  Thank you so much for the work which you have done!!!!! That is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! i can’t thank you enough, as soon as it has been completed, I will send you photos for the website! You really are a genius!!! Thank you once again.  Regards, 

Mitch H.  England

Mark,  Well cool!! you done a good job.  Thanks, really happy with the result!!!! Will post the pictures once things heal. Gave your web address to the guys at my local tattoo place, there is a lot of interest in your work, over here!!  Thanks again, 

Andy N. Scotland

Thanks for the design man. Looks f-n awesome! You’re a true artist. I live in the bay area and I went to all the tattoo shops in Berkeley, and no one could do this.  Thanks again. 

Sergio A.  California

Your flash is selling like wildfire. 

Thanks,  Jim

I love them both.....THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole B.  Pennsylvania

Mark,   The design you created is even better than what i thought it would look like.  It's perfect.  I can't believe what you can do.  It's gonna be the perfect first tattoo, one that I will not regret.  I wanted to get a tattoo of something in my life that will never change.  What could be better than my last name?  Don't stop doing what you’re doing.  I will definitely tell everyone where I got the design and I will be back for more.  Thank you so much. 

Jim B. Iowa

Hey Mark - I love it too man, it's amazing. Its symbolic meaning for me goes very deep, and serious thanks for making it happen - you rock. I love the note separating the words, it's a whole note - to me it re-emphasizes the wholeness that the circle in part symbolizes. I've been showing some of my friends and family the design, and they all think it's amazing too. So, thank you again, and don't be surprised if you hear from me again! Don't know when I'll be getting the tattoo done yet, but I'll send a pic when i get it done. Best wishes - you do great work! –

Andrew A. Canada

Mark,  What can I say? That is quite simply stunning!  Absolutely fantastic, I am made up with the design and cannot wait to get booked in to have it 'penned' on!  I will most definitely let you have some pictures for your gallery once it is completed.  Thanks once more for a fantastic design.  I will be back when I have another baby for sure!!!  Cheers,

Andy F.  United Kingdom

Hi Mark, What can I say?............................  The Tattoo design is out of this world, I am 100% pleased and bowled over by it. It is everything I had hoped it would be, as soon as I find the right tattooist and it's done I will send a picture.  Many, many thanks to both you and Kyle and don't be surprised to hear from a few of my pals!!!!  All the best. 

Mat C.  United Kingdom

I LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! I already called my tattoo artist and wanted to go tonight! I will send pictures... thank you again SO, SO MUCH! 

Christy N. Pennsylvania

WOW is right! Thank you so much Mark, it turned out better than I could have imagined. Thanks again, 

Clint B.  Idaho

I just received my ambigram design and I am extremely happy with it. Phenomenal work! I was skeptical that it would satisfy me and you exceeded my expectations. 

Joe L. New Hampshire

WOW- this is so much better than I expected it to be. You are apparently a brilliant artist. I do plan to get this as a tattoo within the next few weeks. Thanks a million, I love it,

Dana T.  Texas

Mark-- Thank you so much for the ambigram. It’s perfect. I appreciate all of the hard work you put into this project and just wanted you to know that no one could have done better.  Thanks again.

Brandon B. Iowa

Attention:  Mark Palmer   You recently designed a circular ambigram for me that I had tattooed onto my left shoulder yesterday. It looks absolutely awesome and the tattoo artist thought it was superb, so thanks again for the design. It’s very impressive.  All the best and thanks.  

Bryan D.  United Kingdom

Hey Mark,  Firstly, let me say what a fantastic job!  You truly are talented!  I figured that the font may not work and I figured you would know best :)  Thank you so much and I look forward to getting it tattooed.  If anyone asks  where I got it - you can bet I will send them your way!  All the best with your business and keep designing great ambigrams!  Cheers,  k

Stacey K.  New Yor

Mark,  Thanks alot for the tattoo design.  I absolutely love it.  Much more than I expected.  Everyone I have shown the design to has been blown away.  Thanks again. 

Edwin T.  Canada

Mark Palmer,  Hey man, what's happening?  I would really like the "Irish Pride" (Stacked) stencil.  I can't wait to get another one.  I have your William ambigram, my name, on my leg.  After I got it, I couldn't believe the amount of attention it got.  i haven't met one person who doesn't think it's the coolest thing they've seen.  So i tell all of them to check out the website.  i hope you get some business from them.  Later.

William G.  Connecticut

Website is Awesome, and the tattoo designs are the best I've ever seen. 

Edward. New Zealand

Dude, thank you so much,   they look awesome, man,   I'll send u pics after I get the tat done.    Definitely quality work dude!!!   a

James N.   Pennsylvani

Mr. Palmer,  I received the Ambigram (always n forever) today and I am very impressed with the design.  I can’t wait to get a tattoo of it soon and upon completion of the tattoo, I will send you pictures of it so you can show others the amazing design that you have created for me. Thank you so much for all the time you spent on it. I will highly recommend your services to all of my friends, family and clients. I am going to be getting more tattoos in the future and I am looking forward to continue my business with you. Once again thank you so much for the design and keep up the great work...VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER,  

JOSEPH V.  Texas

Without a doubt the coolest thing I have ever seen. Love it. I'm sure I will be ordering from you again. Many thanks! 

Chris Q.  Kansas

Thank you so much! I appreciate that! Your designs are awesome....this one is for my wife.....she is in love with it! She sends her thanks! 

David L.  Indiana

Hey Mark
Wow tattoos is right, the design looks amazing. I couldn't ask for something better. I'm completely satisfied with the design, now to get it inked! I'll email you a picture of the tattoo once it's done.
Thanks again Mark!  

James V.  Canada

Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times, thank you. 

Javier M.  California

That’s magic pal, thanks for making the changes. World domination cannot be far away. And just for the record, I think with such a unique service, you are massively undervaluing yourself. God bless you all, it's quality. 

Thanks, Ben S.  United Kingdom

Hi,   This is by far the coolest tattoo site I've come across. I’m a big fan of tattoos and I already have 6. U guys rock. 


I have nothing but praise for the excellent work on your site, its intuitive setup and vast choice available. I will definitely recommend to all who see my tat (once I finally decide on a style and order :) I don't usually write these types of email but you have hit the nail so solidly on the head I had to show my admiration. Keep up the excellent work! Kind regards,

Jono, South Africa.

Dude, Mark.  That came out F'N SWEET!!!!!  That looks awesome.  Tracey is going to flip out when she gets home from work tonight!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  I was speechless for a min or two after the email had finally loaded the image.  It's just awesome!!!  Tracey is the fan, but this is so great, I'm going to have to get it inked on me too!  Thank you for working with us on the ambigrams.  Thanks again and I can't wait to tell everyone about your great craft! 

John B.  New Mexico

OK you guys ROCK!!!   THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH !!! My boyfriend is soooo freaking excited. We are also getting the cursed/blessed ambigram to share. I also LOVE one of the scorpio ambigrams. That one may just be on me shortly.   

Christina K.  Wisconsin

The artwork is GREAT, it is a very excellent talent to be able to create these, especially with such detail! 


Mark,   Thanks so much!  Oh and nice work on the guys tattoo from Fuel.  I saw it on LA Ink.  Keep doing what you do.

Derek E.

Let me first say I love your website!!! I think this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I wish I knew about this site before I had my other two children’s names done. I would have definitely ordered from you. Keep up the great work and keep the site going strong. I will recommend it to all my friends.

Steve R.  New Jersey

Holy Crap....Mark actually replied?!??!  Man, your art is SICK!!  I thought when I sent this off that I'd get a reply from an office worker...not the MAN himself!!  Ok, I've got a grip now....sorry!  I currently don't have any tattoos but I've always wanted to get something with and about my family.  I could just never find anything that was cool enough to want it on my body FOREVER.  One look at your stuff and I'm SOLD! 

Brad H.  Oregon

Love your work. You do some absolutely brilliant stuff. 

Gogo R.

Firstly I would like to say that your site is amazing and artwork.... out of this world. I have been trying to design ambigrams of my fiancé’s name hich I intend to have tattooed sometime soon. I've managed a couple of designs but after having seen the multiple-name ambigrams that you are able to create...I'm stunned and very excited at the same time! Would it be possible for you to create one with both my name and hers? I know it might be tricky as we both have non-western names, but having browsed through your site, I'm quite confident with your ability and skill and I think it might be exactly what I am looking for....Much appreciated.