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Welcome to the epicenter! Here at Wow Tattoos you'll find many zodiac sign tattoos. We've tried our best to produce the best zodiac and astrology related tattoo lettering on the whole world wide web. So if you've been on a quest for that special lettering design for your next tattoo, you'll find it here!

While we have many different design styles, the most popular zodiac sign and astrology designs are of our 'Style D' (script) and 'Style Custom' (various) variety. When browsing, consider looking for those styles first.

On the site there is category with only these types - Zodiac Sign Ambigram Tattoos - where you'll be able to easily find that type in various styles. To the left you'll see a couple of our tattoo designs in that type.

Phrases and Words

Below is a list of some of the phrases and words you'll be able to find in that category.

Custom Astrology and Zodiac Tattoos by Mark Palmer

Renowned artist Mark Palmer can also design a custom ambigram tattoo, just for you! Click here if you're looking to get Mark Palmer to create a one-of-a-kind custom zodiac sign tattoo.

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We're sure you'll find what your looking for, but know we have a very big site to look through. To make things easier on yourself, use the search below (and throughout the site). Short words like 'love' and 'faith' will yield more results for you to look over.