Wow Tattoos Ambigram Gallery

Welcome to WowTattoos.com, your ultimate source for ambigram tattoos and merchandise. If you are looking for an ambigram generator that will show you what your ambigram will look like but are disappointed with the results take a look at the samples on our site. Generally the best looking ambigrams are hand crafted by talented and experienced ambigram artists.

We feature the work of the original ambigram maker and tattoo artist Mark Palmer. Our sample galleries are divided into asymmetrical and symmetrical style ambigram tattoos. Asymmetrical ambigrams make tattoos that say something different when looked at upside down and symmetrical ambigrams say the same thing when turned upside down. In addition to asymmetrical and symmetrical tattoos we also have over a thousand examples of first and last names of both guys and girls.

If you want to get inked with your own or a loved one's name you've found one of the best places on the web to get started. If you don't see your desired first or last name on our site, you can submit your custom design idea to tattoo artist and ambigram maker Mark Palmer.

Mark Palmer personally and promptly answers all e-mails regarding custom orders including custom elements ambigram circles, and he can give you confirmation that your design will be possible and look good as an ambigram. You can download your favorite design and use our tattoo shops link to find an artist near you to fulfill your order.

Plus we have ambigram tattoo books and flash of Mark Palmer's designs available for purchase. You can also request a books and flash catalog to make an ambigram that you can take to your local artist when you are ready. Most of the tattoo shops that we recommend will carry Wow Tattoos ambigrams books or flash and will have experience tattooing our ambigrams. So we invite to browse through our site and get started today on your ambigram tattoo.