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Why? Because here at Wow Tattoos we have thousands and thousands of tattoos and many different ambigram lettering styles. In fact, we have the biggest collection of ambigrams on the entire world wide web. Ambigrams allow your tattoo to say more than one thing at once, or it is readable from two different sides. Tattoo lettering styles or glyphs as we like to call them, come in anywhere from our modern style to grafitti script and many alterations in between.

Samples of Styles

Tatto Lettering - Sinful Circle Ambigram Tattoo Design
Tattoo Lettering - Aloha Symmetrical Ambigram Tattoo Design
Tattoo Lettering - Mayhem Ambigram Tattoo Design
Tattoo Lettering - Assassin Ambigram Tattoo Design
Unique Tattoo Lettering Styles

Two Different Lettering Types

On our site you'll find both Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Ambigram Designs. Symmetrical Designs say the say word or phrase both upside down and right side up. Asymmetrical Designs say two different things. Ambigram Tattoo Lettering Gallery One has Symmetrical and Ambigram Tattoo Lettering Gallery Two has Asymmetrical. You can also try our Ambigram Generator and insert your own words and phrases to create an Ambigram.

A Huge Variety of Words and Phrases

Here is just a small sample of the words and phrases you'll find:

Over 2500 Tattoo Designs

You'll find what your looking for, we're sure of it. To make things easier, use the search below (and throughout the site). Short words like 'love' and 'faith' will yield more results for you to look over.
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