Copyright notice: All designs (yes, even custom designs) do not come with permission to use for anything else but a personal tattoo design, once. Those looking to use designs for other purposes (logos, graphic designs, product designs, ads, etc) must contact Mark Palmer (mark@wowtattoos.com) to purchase a copyright. Mark will work with you at that point to give you an original design that you own the rights to.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why do I need to pay first for a custom Ambigram design? Can I see it before I pay for it?

A: In order to accurately represent your custom Ambigram to its full potential, Mark has to draw each and every design out fully from start to finish. That process can take anywhere from an hour to many hours depending on the complexity of each individual design. A quick initial sketch by Mark will not reflect the true styling and readability that your final finished design will achieve.

Q: What if Mark cannot draw the custom Ambigram that I have ordered?

A: This situation DOES NOT happen often; however, if Mark is initially unable to draw the design you’re looking for because of the orientation of the letters within your order, he will contact you to offer suggestions as to what he can and cannot do in regards to your specific order. If none of the suggestions he has are to your liking, we’ll be happy to refund your money. Of course, you can also contact us prior to placing your order to ask any questions about your particular custom Ambigram and styling.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with my finished custom Ambigram?

Again, this situation DOES NOT happen often. However, if after you have received your custom Ambigram, and you are not satisfied with it for whatever reason, Mark is always willing to work with you to adjust the design until it meets exactly what you’re looking for. In the event that you are unsatisfied and Mark is unable to do anything more with your particular custom design, we will be happy to refund your money to you upon your request. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all custom designs. Mark has 99.9% customer satisfaction rate.

Q: I live in a country outside of the U.S. Can I still place an order?

A: We accept all major credit cards with a Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover logo on them. We also accept Paypal from all countries currently able to send Paypal transactions.

Q: How will my custom design be delivered to me? Will it be E-mailed? Mailed by post? Faxed? What if I live outside the US?

A: After Mark completes your custom Ambigram design, your design will be e-mailed to you based on the e-mail address you provide at the time of your ordering. Regardless of what country you live in, your design should only take a second or two for you to receive anywhere in the world after we have sent it. In the event that one of our customers needs for us to send their design by alternate means, we can fax a copy to you or mail by post. But 99.99% of our customers never have any issues and receive their orders by e-mail

Q: How long will it take me to get my custom design?

A: We offer two different options for getting your custom ambigram design drawn.

Option #1) Mark’s standard custom design service is 3-7 business days. During weeks that he receives more orders than he can physically do, you will be notified if your wait will be longer than the 7th business day.

Option #2) ASAP Custom Order – For an additional charge of $50 to your order, Mark will draw and deliver by e-mail your design in just 1-48 hours. He will also draw on weekends and holidays to ensure that these orders are completed ASAP. This option is often used by customers that have tattoo appointments or conventions to attend and need a design right away to make that appointment. Or, you just want your design right away.

Q: In what digital format will I receive my design?

Gallery Designs and Custom Ambigrams

Your design will be sent in a .ZIP file containing 4 files. You will receive your filled in black design in a .GIF format as well as a vector .PDF. And the matching stencil for your design will also be in a .GIF format and a .PDF format. Any internet capable computer can view and print a .GIF image file. Adobe Reader will be required to open a .PDF. However, using graphics tools like Illustrator or Corel will allow you to blow up the .PDF file to billboard size without losing any of the quality of the image.

Q: What size do the designs come in? Can I get my design to a specific measurement?

A: Each design comes fit to a piece of 8 ½” X 11” paper for you to print out. From that point, we recommend you and your tattoo artist discuss the sizing and location to fit your specific needs. Any tattoo artist or shop should have a copy machine for reducing and enlarging, as well as a thermal-fax machine for applying the stencil to your skin. If you have specific sizing requirements that you would like for us to help you with, please contact us and we can size the images for you as well.

Q: I live in __________ City/State/Country, can you recommend a tattoo shop close to me that is carrying Wow Tattoos books and/or flash artwork of your ambigram tattoos?

A: Yes, we may be able to help you with that. Please head over to our Tattoo Shops Carrying Wow Tattoos Ambigrams Page and see if you can locate a shop near you carrying Mark’s artwork. These shops will not be able to draw you a custom Ambigram, but they carry some or all of Mark’s artwork, and will have experience tattooing Mark’s Ambigrams.

Q: I can’t find a local tattoo artist to design an Ambigram for me. He/she says it can’t be done or doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Can you recommend someone close to me?

A: Yes, we certainly can. Mark Palmer is the only tattoo artist specializing in drawing Ambigrams for tattoos. Since you’ve found us here on the internet, he’s actually closer than any other local tattoo artist is to you. With the experience of over 8,000 Ambigrams under his belt, Mark will be happy to draw you a custom design to your choosing and e-mail it right to you on your computer. And he will personally work with you to make your ambigram exactly what you’re looking for. Guaranteed.

Q: Can you draw an ambigram word or phrase for me in German, Danish, Spanish, Latin, French, Italian or another language?

A: Definitely. If you’re looking for an Ambigram that uses mostly the Roman Alphabet such as: (Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz), then Mark can draw an Ambigram for you in that language. Many languages that also contain some special characters either over or under Western Characters can also be included in your Ambigram. Such as (ñ, ë) and many others. Please contact us with your specific request.

Q: What languages do you not draw Ambigrams in?

>A: Mark specializes in languages that are written using primarily letters found in the Roman Alphabet(see above question). Any language that uses pictographic characters such as Chinese and Japanese or letters other than those included in the Roman Alphabet such as Greek and Arabic are not candidates for an Ambigram.