Ambigram designs that say the same thing forward and upside-down
Ambigram designs that say something different forward and upside-down
Ambigram designs of more than 400 guys names

Ambigram designs of more than 400 girls names
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Ambigram designs that say the same thing forward and upside-down
Ambigram designs that say something different forward and upside-down
Wow Tattoos Ambigram Generator powered by Glyphusion
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You can type the same name/word in both boxes or you can type a different name/word in each box. If the words are different lengths, the closer they are in the number of letters, the better.

1) Name/Word/Phrase - Forward

2) Name/Word/Phrase - Upside-Down


Welcome To
We're turning the tattoo world upside-down!

This is the official website of Mark Palmer, the world's leading Ambigram tattoo artist. Over the last 4 years, hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world have made Mark their first choice for the highest quality Ambigram designs.

Ambigrams: Lettering works of art that can be read
both forward AND upside-down.


Angel / Devil

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New Tool To Check For Compatibility
Of Your Custom Ambigram!

1) Name/Word/Phrase - Forward

2) Name/Word/Phrase - Upside-Down


You can type the same name/word in both boxes or you can type a different name/word in each box. If the Compatibility Checker says "No," there may still be a solution, but your design will probably not look good as an Ambigram. If the answer is "Yes," the design will still need to be verified by Mark before he can complete your Ambigram.






Font Style: E

Font Style: M

Smokin Joe's
Font Style: F

Snowboard design for Roxy.


The Slide Bar
Logo Design for the Slide Bar in Fullerton, CA
Owned by Jeremy and Ajay Popoff of the band Lit

Shark Attack



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    Want to see Mark's recent Ambigram tattoo artwork and real customer tattoos? Click here.
    UPDATED - 5/15/08 - Over 200 NEW ambigram pictures posted in the gallery!


"Tattoos for Women" magazine featured one of Mark's ambigram tattoos in their March/April #82 Special Edition magazine. The featured design is a "Loyalty/Betrayal" design down the side of a woman. Congratulations to the unamed woman for her kick ass tattoo! The magazine is full of amazing tattoos, make sure you pick one up at a local convenience store like Seven-Eleven.

Toryn Green, lead singer of the band Fuel, gets custom Mark Palmer Angel / Devil and Sinner / Saint Ambigram Tattoos
Toryn contacted Mark over the summer about getting custom versions of Mark's Angel / Devil and Sinner / Saint Ambigram designs drawn for him in conjunction with the release of their new Fuel album titled "Angels and Devils." You can watch the videos below of him getting the awesome tattoos. The design work on either side of each tattoo forms a "TG" which are Toryn Green's initials.
The Angel / Devil Ambigram was tattooed at Graffiti Palace Tattoo in North Hollywood, CA in late August. Toryn brought along the Fuel film crew to document the experience.

The second matching design says Sinner / Saint. It was tattooed by Kim Saigh who works with Kat Von D on her new TV show L.A. Ink. The show is filmed at her West Hollywood shop High Voltage Tattoo. So make sure you watch the LA Ink video below to catch Toryn's episode of him getting his Sinner/Saint Ambigram tattoo.

Toryn Green - Sinner / Saint
Ambigram Tattoo Video
L.A. Ink Season 1 Finale - Clip
Toryn Green - Angel / Devil Ambigram Tattoo Video
Fuel Video Crew


Style L
Forward - Angel
Upside Down - Devil


Style D
Forward - Angel
Upside Down - Devil


Style K
Forward - Angel
Upside Down - Devil


Style L
Forward - Sinner
Upside Down - Saint


Style D
Forward - Sinner
Upside Down - Saint


Style K
Forward - Sinner
Upside Down - Saint



      Here at Wow Tattoos, we appreciate what our armed forces servicemen are doing for us all over the the world. So we'd like to thank you by offering you a free $9.99 ambigram off of our site. Pick any of the $9.99 designs already up on our site and we'll send it to you. The only requirement is that you have an armed forces email address for us to send your design to. Please use our contact page to let us know which design and the style the design is in that you would like.

*** Mark Palmer & Wow Tattoos is looking for a group of servicemen (6 - 10 guys/girls) currently deployed that would be interested in getting custom designs drawn by Mark for free, or designs off of the site for free, to get a group shot showing off your ambigrams. It does not have to be the same design for each person, we'll work with each individuals tastes. Please use the contact us page for info. This offer is being extended to the first serious group to contact us.


10/30/07 - Toryn Green, of the band Fuel, gets his Sinner/Saint tattoo done on the season finale of LA Ink.
3/29/07 - Wow Tattoos is proud to announce a limited time offer: Purchase any word or phrase design from specially marked pages throughout the site and get your choice of a free ambigram name keychain.

3/27/07 - The tattoo gallery has been completely updated with brand new pictures of customer submitted photos.
3/19/07 - Massive UPDATE for our 850+ Guys, Girls & Last Names Gallery!! All Names have been updated with New Solutions and a clean consistent style!!
- BRAND NEW WEBSITE FOR 2007! Check back often for HUGE updates this week.
- SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! Keep a watch out over the next few weeks for over 1,000 new Ambigrams to be added to our Wow Tatoos website. We've also partnered up with some other great tattoo artists to start being able to bring you some of their work as well. Next year's flash sets are getting put together as we speak, as all those pictures of tattoos we've received! Beautiful!
- We've just completed a re-vamping of the website. As many of you will remember, the Ambigrams used to be poor quality spinning images. We did this to use the filetype of .gif because anyone with an Internet capable browser can view .gif files. But this is 2007 people, and it's time to move to Flash files as they allow us to do a lot more cool things.
- From all of us here at Wow Tattoos have a safe and happy New Year and GO GET AN AMBIGRAM INKED THIS YEAR!
- Thank you to everyone that showed up to say hi at the Pomona tattoo show this weekend. The booth was one of the busiest booths there all weekend, and we hope everyone enjoys their new tattoos!
5/1/06 - WOW we have a lot to tell you. Updates all over the site. Some new Ambigrams have been put up. A ton of new pictures of customer tattoos, along with pictures of the Ontario, California convention. You can find us later this month at the San Diego/Del Mar, California Body Art Expo. Also, look for our 2 page Wow Tattoos spread in the June issue of PAIN magazine later in May. This PAIN magazine advertisement launches our printed advertising campaign. You can click here to preview the PAIN spread
- We've added a new "Tattoo Shops" button on the navigation bar. That's where you'll find a list of shops carrying our books and/or tattoo flash. The list is still small, but there are currently hundreds of shops with our designs. As we continue to add more shops, hopefully we'll add one near you! Check them out HERE
1/30/06 - Wow Updated - We've just finished re-doing pretty much the entire site the last 2 months. We've had to add pages everywhere because of great people like you! There are 3 new pages of recent customer designs under the "New Designs" button on the nav. bar. We've also added 10 more customer Wow Tattoos to the tattoo gallery, breaking that up into 3 pages to make them easier to navigate.
1/29/06 - Wow Tattoos Reaches 1000+ Ambigrams! We've just finished adding 140 new designs to Gallery 1 & Gallery 2, as well as 150 new names. We now feature over 1000 Mark Palmer Ambigrams!
- We've had to add a second page now to our Gallery 1. We now have a page for phrases and sentences. Check em' out HERE
- Wow Tattoos is proud to announce our 2006 Tattoo Flash Sets for sale as well as the arrival of DreamWorld Book #3. You can check out all of this years new designs ---> HERE

From Ambigram Artist Mark Palmer: Name Illuminati Ambigrams and Custom Tattoos

Welcome to, your ultimate source on the web for ambigram tattoos! We specialize in ambigrams that say get rich/die tryin, love/hate, choice/destiny, agony/ecstasy, life/death and thousands more. This style of tattooing is the new evolution in ink lettering and is increasing in popularity every day. You might have seen some examples of this new art form on VH1's "Show Me Your Tats" or sported by celebrities and music stars like Method Man and Toryn Green of Fuel. Dan Brown's bestseller "Angels and Demons", the prequel to "The DaVinci Code" has also helped ambigram design receive the attention that it deserves. has thousands of ambigrams for you to choose from ready for immediate download on our site. Everything from catchy words and phrases to first and last names can be found in a tattoo stencil that's ready for you to have instantly.

Our tattoo gallery is divided into asymmetrical and symmetrical designs depending upon if you prefer your tattoo to say something different when it is turned upside down or the same thing. You can also order custom designs directly from our featured ambigram tattoo artist that come in various shapes like circles, diamonds, and vertical lines. And with you can trust that you are getting some of the best ambigram designs in the industry. Our ambigram artist Mark Palmer is one of the original and premier ambigram tattoo artists in the business. And don't forget Palmer's "DreamWorld" tattoo flash and books are available for purchase individually or in package sets. Check out or tattoo shops link for local artists in your area that are experienced in inking Wow Tattoo ambigram designs. Bookmark and visit us often as we are always adding to our massive selection of high-quality designs.