Death, Freak, Immortal...Faith, Sinner, Fallen...Courage, Freedom, Hope...Marines, Army, SemperFi...Hard Times, Hustler, SouthSide...Friends, Mother, Brotherhood...Faithful, Forever, One Love...American, Irish Pride, Brazilian...Aequitas, Veritas, Carpe Diem...Aries, Pisces, Libra...Raider Nation, Skin, Diabetic...


Angel / Devil

Ambigram Words Writing Font

Latin Words Writing Font Ambigram Art

At WowTattoos.com we have thousands of ambigram font stencils that you can download instantly. All of our ambigrams are available for purchase so you can immediately have the design you want. You can also purchase Mark Palmerís DreamWorld tattoo books and flash in great package deals. Finding high quality ambigram writing for tattooing is now easier than ever thanks to Wow Tattoos comprehensive online galleries. In our first gallery we feature symmetrical ambigrams that say the same thing no matter which way you turn them. In our second gallery you will find asymmetrical ambigram words that seem to magically say something different when turned upside down.

We have also recently completed a massive update to our names gallery that features thousands of first and last names for both girls and guys. So if you are looking for a hard to find ambigram word or phrase you will most likely find it here! Dynamic high-quality ambigram designs can also be custom ordered if you donít find what you are looking for available for download. You can also find a tattoo shop near you that is experienced in inking our ambigram designs even if you want something highly specialized like an ambigram in Latin.

We frequently update and add to our designs so bookmark our site and visit us whenever you want the latest ambigram designs in the tattoo world. Due to their use in Dan Brownís bestseller "Angels and Demons", the prequel to his "The DaVinci Code", ambigram words and writing font is now trendier than ever so make sure you get a talented tattoo artist to ink your design. Our featured artist, Mark Palmer is one of the original ambigram tattoo artists and has recently completed designs for high profile celebrities like Toryn Green of the band Fuel. You might have also caught some examples of ambigram words and writing font on the VH1 show called "Show Me Your Tats" which recently featured Method Manís life/death ambigram tattoo. But remember, tattoos are forever so make sure you go with the best at Wow Tattoos!


New Tool To Check For Compatibility
Of Your Custom Ambigram!

1) Name/Word/Phrase - Forward

2) Name/Word/Phrase - Upside-Down


You can type the same name/word in both boxes or you can type a different name/word in each box. If the Compatibility Checker says "No," there may still be a solution, but your design will probably not look good as an Ambigram. If the answer is "Yes," the design will still need to be verified by Mark before he can complete your Ambigram.