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Angel / Devil

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Ambigrams

Elements Ambigrams: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth

Mark Palmer and Wow Tattoos are proud to present one of the latest ambigram design creations, elements ambigrams. This is an ambigram tattoo that is inked in a circle representing the four elements. If you want a custom element circle or a one word earth ambigram contact us for a quote. Our custom ambigram circles start at $100 depending upon the complexity of the design you desire. If you are not interested in a elements or fire ambigram check out other words and phrases we offer for immediate download on our site.

We have thousands of symmetrical and asymmetrical designs for your consideration and instant use. In addition to an elements or water ambigram you might also want to take a look at our gallery of first and last names for girls and guys. We have over 1,500 names available and if you donít find yours simply email us and we will custom design it for you.

Our featured elements and air ambigram artist Mark Palmer is one of the original ambigram tattoo artists and has inked high profile celebrities such as Toryn Green from the band Fuel. At Wow Tattoos you can trust that you are getting some of the best ambigrams in the business. So whether you want a custom design like an "Earth-Air-Fire-Water" ambigram circle or simply your own or a loved oneís name in an ambigram visit WowTattoos.com for high-quality and beautiful tattoo designs.


New Tool To Check For Compatibility
Of Your Custom Ambigram!

1) Name/Word/Phrase - Forward

2) Name/Word/Phrase - Upside-Down


You can type the same name/word in both boxes or you can type a different name/word in each box. If the Compatibility Checker says "No," there may still be a solution, but your design will probably not look good as an Ambigram. If the answer is "Yes," the design will still need to be verified by Mark before he can complete your Ambigram.