Death, Freak, Immortal...Faith, Sinner, Fallen...Courage, Freedom, Hope...Marines, Army, SemperFi...Hard Times, Hustler, SouthSide...Friends, Mother, Brotherhood...Faithful, Forever, One Love...American, Irish Pride, Brazilian...Aequitas, Veritas, Carpe Diem...Aries, Pisces, Libra...Raider Nation, Skin, Diabetic...


Angel / Devil

Ambigram Tattoo Stencil Downloads

Ambigram Stencils Tattoo Downloads

Looking for some great ambigram downloads? Then youíve come to the right place at Wow Tattoos. We feature high quality ambigram tattoo designs from Mark Palmer one of the original ambigram tattoo artists. We have thousands of ambigram stencils to choose from that you can download instantly.

Feel free to browse our tattoo galleries for examples of artwork in both asymmetrical and symmetrical designs. You can also get an ambigram download with your first or last name and if you donít see what you want on our site contact us with your custom ambigram design idea. We also have non-ambigram designs by featured artists Ben Runco and Santos. Besides a great tattoo stencil you can also get ambigram merchandise like the Wow Tag key chain, flash books, and find information on finding ambigram artists in your area.

You can contact us by phone or through email if you have any questions about our site, our designs, or ambigrams in general. Click on our new designs link to keep in touch with the latest and hottest ambigram tattoo stencil downloads available. Wow Tattoos is also happy to create unique and original logo designs for companies. Check out our samples on our site to see what we can do for you. And donít forget to submit your own ambigram tattoo stencils if you are a talented tattoo artist who would like to join our family of artists.


New Tool To Check For Compatibility
Of Your Custom Ambigram!

1) Name/Word/Phrase - Forward

2) Name/Word/Phrase - Upside-Down


You can type the same name/word in both boxes or you can type a different name/word in each box. If the Compatibility Checker says "No," there may still be a solution, but your design will probably not look good as an Ambigram. If the answer is "Yes," the design will still need to be verified by Mark before he can complete your Ambigram.