Death, Freak, Immortal...Faith, Sinner, Fallen...Courage, Freedom, Hope...Marines, Army, SemperFi...Hard Times, Hustler, SouthSide...Friends, Mother, Brotherhood...Faithful, Forever, One Love...American, Irish Pride, Brazilian...Aequitas, Veritas, Carpe Diem...Aries, Pisces, Libra...Raider Nation, Skin, Diabetic...


Angel / Devil

Free Ambigram Examples and Design Samples

Free Ambigram Samples and Design Examples

Thanks for visiting WowTattoos.com, for doing so we would like to give you a free ambigram! If you put any of our Wow Tattoos banners on your website you can get one free ambigram design and stencil right off of our website.

While you are here check out our tattoo galleries chock full of ambigram words and phrases. You will also find ambigram samples of thousands of first and last names for girls and guys. Plus our stencils are great for printing out and putting on the cover of a notebook or binder or wherever you would like to display it.

We feature the work of the original ambigram tattoo artist Mark Palmer. The examples of ambigrams in our galleries are divided into asymmetrical and symmetrical style ambigram tattoos. Asymmetrical tattoos say something different when looked at upside down and symmetrical ambigrams say the same thing when turned upside down. In addition to free ambigrams we offer you many low cost unique ambigram design samples online.

If you want to get inked with your own or a loved one’s name you’ve found one of the best places on the web to get started. You can also submit your custom design idea to tattoo artist Mark Palmer using our contact us link. Or if you find what you like on our site, download your inexpensive or free ambigram design example and use our tattoo shops link to find an artist near you to fulfill your order.

Plus we have ambigram tattoo books and flash of Mark Palmer’s designs available for purchase. Most of the tattoo shops that we recommend will have experience tattooing our ambigrams. So we invite to browse through our site and get your free ambigram design example. We have everything you need to get inked with a high-quality ambigram!


New Tool To Check For Compatibility
Of Your Custom Ambigram!

1) Name/Word/Phrase - Forward

2) Name/Word/Phrase - Upside-Down


You can type the same name/word in both boxes or you can type a different name/word in each box. If the Compatibility Checker says "No," there may still be a solution, but your design will probably not look good as an Ambigram. If the answer is "Yes," the design will still need to be verified by Mark before he can complete your Ambigram.