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You've found a selection of the most unique circle designs on the net! Here at Wow Tattoos we have a wide variety of tattoo circles - all in the styles of Mark Palmer (world renowned ambigram artist). You could say we have the most unique tattoos you can find on the net.

Popular Designs

Circle Tattoos - Karma Tattoo Design
Circle Tattoos - Circle Of Elements Earth Air Fire Water Tattoo Design
Circle Tattoos - Family United Tattoo Design
Circle Tattoos - Choice Destiny Tattoo Design
The most popular style of circle ambigrams are 'Custom', which means they are slightly different than any other styles Mark usually draws in.

There is a category here devoted to these types - Circle Tattoos - where you'll be able to easily look through all our circle ambigram designs. To the left you'll see a couple of our customer's favorite designs in that type.

Phrases and Words

Below is a list of some of the phrases and words you'll be able to find in that category.
Wait a minute. What's an Ambigram?
An ambigram is a word or phrase that when turned upside down either says the same thing (symmetrical), or a different one (asymmetrical). All the designs on this site are drawn by Mark Palmer, the worlds most prolific ambigram artist. If you see an ambigram out in public, or online, there is a 99% chance it's Mark's or influenced by his style.
Custom Circle Tattoos by Mark Palmer
Have a different design in mind? Mark Palmer can also design a custom circle tattoo, just for you!
Click here to contact Mark to create a one-of-a-kind custom circle tattoo design.
Thousands of Designs in Total
We have a large site to look over. To find ambigrams quickly, use our search below (and throughout the site). Short words like 'love' and 'faith' will provide more results for you to look through.